Warm welcome and lovely visit!

Posted on: Saturday, November 12, 2016

We were delighted to see a water supply in place (the earthquake change the course of the previous water supply to the school). RSN funded the purchase of 600m of pipes to bring the water to the school. Now that the rains have stopped they plan to build a reservoir to store water too.

We saw the site for the compost toilets (a sunny position!) Kamal says they hope to have these in place by December.

Kamal explained to us they now have one computer which they can keep in the school office which has E-Midas software for the Nepali school curriculum. When I asked about the most pressing needs he said a projector and screen would mean groups of children could be taught using the new software. We are happy to have been able to respond to this request and agree the purchase of this equipment.

The school came together for the prize giving ceremony while we were there. Rafik and Helen were delighted to be asked to award the prizes and very encouraged to hear the children talk about their aspirations to join the professions. Doctors, pilots and engineers were among the aspired for careers!

We looked carefully at plans for the new build. We are still someway off our target for funds and are grateful to everyone who continues to support the work. Given the career aspirations science labs are a clear must!

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